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Abraham Lincoln is True to Freedom and his Country.

A true, brave man has spoken — spoken for freedom, for humanity, for his country: ABRAHAM LINCOLN is true to the principles upon which he was elected. A patriot, a statesman, a friend of Freedom fills the Presidential chair and all true men, the wide world over, rejoices to-day in the knowledge of the fact. Traitors are not now in the Cabinet, nor will they long fill any offices in the gift of the Government. God bless the true man, who, amid the wild storm of treason, stands true to his principles and his country, and fearlessly proclaims his purpose to act upon the one and defend the other. Now the brave and loyal ANDERSON may not look in vain for reinforcement and support. Now Lieutenant SLEMMER will find a Government ready to acknowledge his claims to respect for his devotion to his country — his faithfulness to his trust. Now all true friends of Liberty and Union rejoice. At the late hour at which we write we may not speak at length of the glorious address which we publish to-day. It is enough to say that the Republican, Union, Patriotic measure is filled, pressed down and running over. Hurrah for LINCOLN!