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The Vallandigham Schemers.

Our dispatches yesterday announced that the traitor Vallandigham, along with a few other choice Democratic spirits, have issued an address to the people, in which they propose to save the Union, not by putting down the rebellion, but by destroying popular confidence in the government. This address is only carrying out the programme which was agreed upon sometime since at Vallandigham's midnight caucus in which Richardson and other Democrats who refuse to fight the rebels, but take every occasion to ventiliate their spleen against the Administration, heartily participated. As remarks the Detroit Tribune, it has been evident ever since that treasonable conclave, that Vallandigham (who with a few of his party friends voted against appropriating money to restore the Union and the Constitution) inaugurated just what is now transpiring a virulent denunciation of the measures adopted by the President to crush out the rebellion, a general opposition to the Administration, and a compromise with the rebels. The course of Vallandigham of the House, and Saulsbury in the Senate clearly indicate that they are the chosen champions of traitorous Democratic Leaders, who are secretly aiding the rebels to overthrow the Government. The tone of their organs here and elsewhere, as well as their traitorous talk and open sympathy with the rebels, proves it. According to their theory, it is "unconstitutional" to whip the rebels into subjection; it makes these Secession sympathizers angry, too. To arrest and imprison traitors, is "unconstitutional;" these leaders don't like to have their brethren defeated in their efforts to destroy the Government. To confiscate the property of rebels in arms and make them pay the forfeit and expense of their own treason, don't meet the views of these democratic leaders; they want the loyal men of the country TAXED for expenses caused by their rebel friends. They have any amount of abuse to heap upon the Administration and every one who seeks to restore the Union, but not a word of censure for their rebel friends. All the machinations of these Democratic leaders indicate that they are conspiring with the rebel leaders to overthrow this Government if possible. Like the rebels in arms, their talk and actions mean rule or ruin, compromise with traitors in arms, or organized opposition to Government, if not, as a Democratic sheet suggests, the armed "raising up of a Cromwell" to destroy the Government. Such is the import of their open threats, all over the country. Loyal men, of all parties, will you allow such secret, midnight traitors, to deceive you? or will any of you follow such leaders?