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The Convicted Minnesota Indians.

A meeting of the citizens of Menkato, Blue Earth county, Minn., was held on the 3d inst., at which the following among other resolutions were adopted:

Resolved, That we earnestly demand of the President of the United States the speedy execution of these convicted savages now in prison at this place. We demand it as a sure safeguard to the frontier settlers against the possible re-occurrence of like outrages. We demand it in the name of humanity, shocked beyond endurance by the late atrocities, which in refined cruelty and inhuman ferocity have no parallel among all the annals of American pioneer settlements; in proof of which we assert what is known through all this border — that peaceable settlers have been scalped, their throats have been cut, their hands and feet cut off, their hearts have been cut out, and their bodies otherwise mutilated in modes too shameful to mention; that women have been shot, tomahawked, brained, burned up in their own dwellings, and tortured to death in ways that rival the infernal ingenuity of the Spanish Inquisition; that virgins have been violated until death put an end to their unspeakable agony; that babes have been snatched from the arms of screaming, praying mothers, and pounded to death on the floor or hard ground, and in some instances crucified upon the walls of their own houses — and all this by those fiends in human shape, whom government has long pampered, and Christian missionaries have toiled to civilize for the last thirty years. Finally, we demand the execution of these blood-stained wretches in the name of justice, the attribute of the infinite God, the demands of which cannot be evaded or put aside. The voice of our brothers' blood cries unto Him from the ground. A great atonement must be made before that voice can be appeased.

Resolved, That they who would shield the guilty are but the mercenary abettors of Indian sympathizers in this State, who are moving heaven and earth because their "craft" is in danger.

Resolved, That the prompt execution of these convicted savages would, in our opinion, strike terror through the Indian tribes of the Northwest and forever forestall another massacre; and we speak advisedly when we inform the government that these murderers cannot safely be removed beyond the limits of the State, nor liberated within its borders; and deprecating as we do the execution of summary justice outside of the forms of law, we implore the President to save the fair fame of our State and her long suffering people from imputations of mob violence, forced to redress their own wrongs because the execution of "even-handed" justice was denied them.