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Local Intelligence.

Jonesboro Academy.

No subject of a local character do we so much desire to lay before our readers, as the spring opening of this institution of learning, under competent instructors. If we are not mistaken in our observation and calculation of the subject, a better time for opening this once flourishing institution will never greet the citizens of this community. What obstructions are in the way? None. Here is a large, moral, and healthy village. Here is a convenient and extensive dwelling. Here are young men and women anxious and in want of an education. Some say "Good teachers cannot be obtained." This is certainly a mistake. Eastern and western colleges never furnished better and more practical scholars than now; and we are positive of the truth that two-thirds settle in institutions with not half the advantages and inducements possessed here.

Our railroad connection with the city of Cairo, where no such institution at present exists, would of necessity bring a large number of students. This we have been assured by prominent citizens of Cairo. — Generally high schools are doing much better now than before the war. Whatever this crisis may destroy, and finally erase from being, we know that it must leave the education of the people. This is above and beyond the grasp of treason to destroy. People are being conformed to this fact, and are converting "greenbacks" into education, and find it a much better investment than gold at $1 651.

Let this institution be opened. It will advance public spirit, elevate the intellectual standard, and extend its beneficent influence from age to age.