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From the 119th Regiment.

[Special Correspondence of the Cincinnati Gazette.]
Camp Forked Deer,
January 2d, 1863.

Who said the 119th had gone up the spout? It is not so, any how. Company I is at Medon, Co's. C and D, are at Humboldt, Comany A is at this place, 15 miles North from Jackson, all well and kicking up their heels. Co's G and K, were captured with Col. Kinney at Rutherford, some 35 miles North of Jackson, and paroled immediately, and the other three companies were skillfully withdrawn by Lieut. Col. Taylor, and are now ready to do battle in the cause of the Union again. As for the present employment of the other companies, this deponent cannot say; companies A, C and D, are most busily engaged now-a-days in collecting and eating the good things of this world, to be found in the neighborhood. We think we are doing our country some service, at last, in guarding bridges and Railroads, and boarding ourselves at thirteen dollars a month.

What the result of this raid of Forest's cavalry will be we, do not know. In fact, what has been done, right where we are stationed, we cannot find out. Perhaps you can tell us. At any rate send us a Whig & Republican as soon as the R. R. is again in operation, which will be in a few days, and we will try and find something to tell you in return. And tell all our friends through the columns of your paper, that not a hair of our heads in the whole regiment is hurt.

Yours in haste, JAKE