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Vicksburg Impregnable on the Yazoo Side.

[Special Cor. of the Cincinnati Gazette.]

Off the Mouth of the Yazoo River,

Jan. 3, via Cairo, Jan. 11.

The expedition against Vicksburg was abandoned yesterday safely. A single attack by the enemy was repulsed by our gunboats. The Yazoo is abandoned as a base of operations, the enemy being impregnable on the front facing that stream.

There has been no fighting of moment since last Monday.

Nothing has been heard of Banks or Farrugut.

Gen. McClernand arrived here on Thursday night.

The army is now in transports at Milliken's bend.

No further developments have been made of the movements of Gens. Pemberton and Price in Vicksburg. The enemy was re-inforced to the number of 60,000 men. They had 160 guns in their batteries, besides their field artillery.

Our losses on the Yazoo will amount to 2,500 or 3,000. Loss of the enemy is unknown.

It has been raining here incessantly for the past thirty-six hours, causing a heavy rise in the Mississippi.

A council of war was held on board the Tigress, Gen. McClernand's headquarters, on Sunday. Com. Porter, Gens. Sherman and McClernand, and other officers were present. It was determined that it would be folly to make any further attack on Vicksburg with the present force; that the enemy received their re-inforcements too rapidly, and that there was no prospect of our side receiving re-inforcements. Therefore if was deemed expedient to abandon the attack on Vicksburg, and operations against some other place, as a point of attack, was decided upon, but its publicity is forbidden. The following day both fleets got under way. There was no coal for the gunboats, and they were unable to raise steam. There being a flood in the river at this time, with wood fuel, the transports according took the gunboats in tow, and moved slowly along. The advance arrived here last evening, and met coal going down the river.

There was considerable excitement at the mouth of the Arkansas river. The ram Ponchartrain is down the river. The gunboats and rams are waiting for her.