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Egyptian Farmers Returning the Contrabands to Cairo, as Unfit for Service.

A letter from Cairo, dated the 18th, giving an account of the arrival of 600 recruits for the 81st regiment, says:

There also came, on the same train, some contrabands, whose employers have sent them back having had them long enough to discover their worthlessness in this region of the country. Farmers say the negroes appear to know nothing of the kind of labor required; nor are they sufficiently intelligent to learn; without granting them a long time, and subjecting them to the most vigorous discipline.

No doubt many more will be returned to wander about the streets and seek such charity as those who may feel disposed to aid them may see fit to bestow. But what are we to do when hundreds are thrown back upon us? — The resources of the place are too limited for their maintenance. The problem remains to be solved. Our affliction has commenced; let us hope that it may not be greater than we can bear.