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Negro Troops in Illinois.

— Galesburg (Knox county, Ill.) papers announce that a company of blacks is being organized in that place for service under the late call of the President. Thirty-five negroes had enrolled their names in two days, and it was expected the company would be filled from the surrounding country. This town of Galesburg has a population of about 8,000, and is one of the most intensely Abolition, nigger-equality holes in the State. To the shame of Galesburg, be it written, notwithstanding their loud professions for the war and the African, not a single full company has been raised in the place for the army! They are loud in demanding the freedom of negroes, and shouting "treason" at Democrats who are filling up the ranks of the army, when they ask that the war be waged for the Constitution and the Union, and that Sambo be left to shift for himself; but they are careful not to share the dangers and hardships of the contest. An excellent sample of Black Republicanism!