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The World Moves!

The bill for the abolition of slavery in the District of Columbia passed the Senate on Thursday, April 3, receiving 29 votes — all Republicans — and fourteen in opposition, as follows:

Bayard, Davis, Henderson, Latham, Doolittle, Nesmith, Powell, Saulsbury, Stark, Willey, Wilson, of Mo., Wright and Carlisle — 14.

The House will probably pass the bill without a very long discussion — under the previous question, after a few of the nigger Lords have erupted their pro-slavery bill.

There are not likely to be very many but quite old and young slaves to emancipate by the time the bill becomes a law, as the dealers and traders are running off the "likely" slaves as fast as possible, and selling them in Maryland, they not liking to part with them for $300. This matters little, provided the national capital is freed from the loathsome presence of this abominable institution.

The world moves — slightly. The beginning of the end approaches.