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Mr. Lincoln's Remains.


Monday, April 17, 1865.

In another place we publish the proceedings of a meeting of the people of this city, held at the State house soon after the sad intelligence of the murder of President Lincoln reached us. We also published the proceedings of the City Council. It will be seen that a committee was selected by the two meetings to proceed to Washington with a view to bringing hither the remains of President Lincoln for interment. The committee consists of Governor Oglesby, Hon. J. K. Dubois, Judge Trumbull, Governor Yates, General Haynie, Hon. S. M. Cullom, General McClernand, Hon. J. S. Vredenberg, Mayor, and the Honorable T. J. Dennis, Mayor elect. The committee, or at least a portion of it, we understand, will start on this evening's train for Washington, Our dispatches announce that a meeting of citizens of Illinois with the same object in view, was also held at Washington on Saturday, and a committee was appointed to wait upon Mrs. Lincoln and request that Springfield, the Capital of the State, and so long his residence, be selected as the place of burial of our beloved President. We shall probably hear further on the subject from Washington to-day.