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Logan's Address Explained.

— The reason for Gen. Logan issuing his address to the men of his command, of which we made mention a week or two since, in which they are urged to forget past feelings and teachings of right, and sustain the President in his unconstitutional foray upon the rights of the States, and in which he talks so flippantly of traitors at home, is now apparent. His name has been sent to the Senate by the President for confirmation as a Major General. — John's plighted faith and honor as a man were in a balance against a commission. — The honor vanished into thin air, and the turning of the scale showed a little brief authority to outweigh all his former principles and professions. The illegal policy and proclamations of Lincoln were swallowed without a struggle, free nigger and all, and John is now as good an Abolitionist, for all of the President's purposes, as Greeley or Garrison, except on a much smaller scale.