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To Farmers, Mechanics and Capitalists.

You have a solemn duty to perform to your Government and to posterity!

Our gallant Army and Navy must be supported by every man and woman who has any means, large or small, at their control. The United States Government, to which we owe our prosperity as a nation, security of person and property of every sort, calls on each individual to rally to its support: not with donations and gifts — though who could withhold them — but with subscriptions to her loans, based on the best security in the world, the untold and scarcely yet tried resources of this mighty continent, which were developing rapidly when the rebellion broke out, and to maintain which, as a priceless heritage to posterity, this defence against rebellion is made.

There is no miscalculation, and can be no failure. The cost has been counted, and the burthen will be light to us, and gladly borne by posterity. What our Revolutionary Fathers are to us, we will be to coming generations, if we fail not in our plain and simple duty.

The owner of every foot of ground, of every house and workshop, owes a debt of service in the field, or of his means, in this noble work.

Talk not of Taxes! They secure the Loans. Take the Loans, and the Taxes will fall more lightly — and they supply the ready, present and required means to strike the death blow at rebellion and the foul disturbers of the Nation's peace.

Talk not of Rulers! They are the masters of GOD, who rules the world and the destinies of this mighty Nation. Our first duty is to God — our next to our country. Fail not of either!

Your nearest patriotic bank or banker will supply this Loan.

The bonds are now ready for delivery at the office of JAY COOKE & CO., bankers, No. 11, South Third street, Philadelphia, Pa.