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The Rebel Scheme to Burn Chicago.

Our telegraph contains the particulars of the discovery and frustration of a desperate scheme to release the rebel prisoners in Camp Douglas, and to burn and pillage Chicago. Such daring and murderous purposes would be incredible if they were not established beyond any doubt. The plans already exposed are proof of the existence of the extended plot charged to exist, and it is only a wise measure of precaution for every exposed community to adopt measures of self-defense. We hope the lesson will not be lost upon our own city.

We feel reluctant to introduce anything of a political nature into a subject of such magnitude and danger, but it has a political character, however much peaceable and well intentioned citizens may be unwilling to admit the truth. In connection with rebel rapine and murder, it involves the "Sons of Liberty" plot to inaugurate a revolution in the Northern States for the overthrow of the present National Administration. We suggest, thoughtfully and solemnly, to good citizens who disapprove such treasonable and atrocious designs, how they can sustain in any manner a party which resorts to such desperate measures to accomplish their designs.