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Enlargement of the Illinois and Michigan Canal.

We are glad to be able to state that something definite and tangible is likely to be done in regard to the enlargement of the Illinois and Michigan Canal. It is proposed by several of our leading citizens to make a survey of the Summit and the Illinois and Des Plaines rivers down to Ottawa, at once, and it is believed that sufficient data can be laid before congress early in January to warrant their action upon the subject. The time required for the reconnissance is not large, and a subscription was started yesterday, headed by Hon. Wm. B. [unknown], to pay for the survey. It will be presented to-day and to-morrow to our leading merchants and business men, and it is hoped the amount necessary will be promptly subscribed. A matter of so much importance to the health and the prosperity of the city and to the commerce and the military necessities of the northwest, and, in fact, to the entire Union, ought to receive the prompt and the energetic support of every man in Chicago. — Chicago Tribune.