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Our New Regiment — "The Phillips Invincibles."

The companies raised in this county during the past two weeks were organized into a regiment on Thursday, by electing field officers, agreeably to orders received from Springfield. Of the companies composing this regiment, nine were raised in this county, and one in Pulaski. They are farmers and mechanics of the highest standing in their localities, and we have no hesitation in claiming it to be one of the best, if not the very best regiment raised in the State. This first company sworn in was that of Capt. John C. Hunsaker, which took the oath on Thursday of last week. The others went through the required form on the following day.

Thursday being the day chosen for electing officers, large crowds commenced pouring into town at early hour, and by noon our streets were packed with people. On the arrival of the 2:43 P. M. train, bringing the companies of Capt. Boren from Pulaski county, and Capt. Henley from Dongola, the procession was formed, a full quarter of a mile in length, and marched to the handsome grove near the Baptist church, where they were formed into a square, preparatory to taking the expression of the will of the men in regard to their field officers. The election, which was conducted by Hon. Wm. A. Hacker, passed off in fine style, and resulted in the choice, for —

Colonel — Alexander J. Nimmo, of Jonesboro, without opposition, and amid storms of the wildest enthusiasm.

Lieutenant Colonel — Elijah A. Willard, of Jonesboro, without opposition. This choice was followed by six hearty cheers for the gallant Lieutenant Colonel.

For Major — Thomas M. Perrine, of Anna, by an almost unanimous vote. Two contestants appeared for this position. — Mr. Perrine and W. C. Pender of this place. Three cheers were given with a will for the successful aspirant.

It was then announced that the regiment would be permitted to return to their homes, with orders to report at this place on Monday next, on which day the regiment goes into camp on the Fair Grounds.

The companies of Col. Nimmo's regiment are officered as follows:

Company A — Capt. John C. Hunsaker, Jonesboro, First Lieutenant J. P. McLain, Second Lieutenant, Mose A. Goodman.

Company B — Capt. Sam McClure, Clear Creek, First Lieutenant Jacob Millikin, Second Lieutenant Mr. Robinson.

(Letter not yet assigned to other companies.)

Capt. John J. McIntosh, Jonesboro, First Lieut. Chas. Barringer, Second Lieut. Charles Klutts.

Captain H. McElhany, Anna, First Lieut. James M. Johnson, Second Lieut. James Kerr.

Capt. G. W. Penninger, Anna, First Lieut. Toler, Second Lieut. Crabtree.

Capt. Henly, Dongola, First Lieutenant Abram L. Misenhimer, Second Lieutenant Henry Gazaway.

Captain Wm. Boren, Caledonia, First Lieut. S. C. Lewis, Second Lieut. Robert Bartleson.

Capt. Hugh Andrews, Anna, First Lieut. Ben. F. Sullivan, Second Lieut. J. N. McElhany.

Capt. Thomas Boswell, Mt. Pleasant, First Lieut. Morgan Stokes, Second Lieut. John Stokes.

Capt. John Rich, South Pass, First Lieut. Frank Hartline, Second Lieut. Dan Kimmel.

These companies number about 900 men, and include a very large proportion of our most worthy and influential citizens. — Their loss will be severely felt in this section of country, but we indulge the hope they may have a safe and speedy return.

The full staff of the Colonel had not yet been appointed, but will be announced in due time.