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Andrew Johnson's Oath of Office.


Monday, April 17, 1865.

WASHINGTON, April 15. — At an early hour this morning Hon. E. M. Stanton sent an official communication to Hon. Andrew Johnson, Vice President of the United States, stating that in consequence of the sudden and unexpected death of the Chief Magistrate, his inauguration should take place as soon as possible, and requesting him to state the place and hour at which the ceremony should be performed.

Mr. Johnson at once replied that it would be agreeable to have the proceedings take place at his rooms in the Kirkwood House as soon as the arrangements could be perfected. Chief Justice Chase was informed of the fact, and repaired to the appointed place in company with Secretary McCulloch, Attorney-General Speed, F. P. Blair, Senator, Hon. Montgomery Blair, Senators Foote, of Vermont, Ramsey, of Minn., Yates, of Ill., Stuart, of Nevada, Hale, of N. H., and Rep. Farnsworth, of Ills.

At 11 o'clock the oath of office was administered by the Chief Justice of the United States in the usual solemn and impressive manner. Mr. Johnson received the kind expressions of the gentlemen in a manner which showed his earnest sense of the great responsibility so devolved upon him, and made a brief speech in which he said the duties of the offices are mine, I will perform them. The consequences are with God. I will lean upon you. I feel that I shall need your support. I am deeply impressed with the solemnity of the occasion, and the responsibility of the duties of the office I am assuming."

Mr. Johnson appeared to be in remarkably good health, and has a high and realizing sense of the hopes that are centered upon him. His manner was solemn and dignified and his whole bearing produced a most gratifying impression upon those who participated in the ceremonies.

It is probably that during the day, President Johnson will issue his first proclamation to the American people. It is expected, though nothing has been definitely determined upon, that the funeral of the late President Lincoln will take place on or about Thursday next. It is supposed that his remains will be temporarily interred in the Congressional cemetery.