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A Standing Army of Negroes.

If any man wonder that the indignation of the New York mob was especially directed against the colored population, or that other mobs, in various cities, have vented their vengeance chiefly upon the negroes, let him find the explanation of the secret in the following paragraph, from the New York Tribune, which is one of a thousand, of the same character, daily issued by that apostle of negro equality:

"Our correspondent in Leavenworth says that the 1st Kansas colored regiment is the best disciplined and most perfectly drilled regiment in the Union service. They were drilling for nine months before the government would receive them as soldiers. The writer proposes, [unknown] the war, a standing army of 100,000 colored soldiers."

Now, we propose that the aforesaid correspondent in Leavenworth shall go amongst a regiment of white soldiers and repeat that statement. Let the contemptible whelp who thus reaches the superiority of his African friends over white men make the assertion to white soldiers, and see what will happen. Let him ascertain if that amount of "liberty of speech" will be tolerated in any assemblage where the soul of a man is found to resent the infamous insult. It is just such doctrine as this, preached day in and day out by the abolition newspapers and orators, that has inflamed the passions of the common people against these negroes, and which, if persisted in, will result in the total extermination of the colored race in the United States. The free white men of America, who refused to accept the dogma of negro equality, when promulgated by Lincoln and his party, will hardly concede the assumption of negro superiority, now so coolly enunciated by the radical republicans. This assumption will inaugurate the real "irrepressible conflict" — a conflict which can only result in the extermination of the negroes and their allies, or those who stand up for the dignity and superiority of the Anglo-Saxon. It is not difficult to predict the result of the strife.

And in the day when the wrath of the Caucasian waxes fiercest against the ignoble curs who glory in bearing witness to their own degradation and unworthiness of the color nature should never have endowed them with, let them quote paragraphs like the above, and thank themselves for their hour of tribulation.