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The Cairo Atheneum.

There was one of the largest audiences convened last night at the Atheneum, to witness the debut, in this city, of the great tragedienne, Mrs. Emma Waller, that has ever been brought together at any theatrical exhibition in Cairo. In fact, there was a rousing house, composed principally of the best of the ladies and gentlemen of the place, and the persons composing it went home perfectly satisfied, we hope, that a good representative of even the most difficult of Shakespeare's plays is among possibilities at the Atheneum. Mrs. Waller, as "Lacy Macbeth," was superb. We have seen her play the part a number of times, and she never acted with more naturalness than on last evening. For once our people had a reader worthy the masterpiece of the Bard of Avon. Her acting brought forth round after round of applause. Every movement was finished, every action full of grace and force. Mr. Richards was good as "Macduff," Mr. Noyes sustained his reputation as an excellent actor by the style in which he played Macbeth. The remainder of the stock did finely, in their different roles. To sum up all, the entire play, witches and all was an entire success. It has been worse played upon stages of greater pretensions, where the star has been supported by Mr. Waller as Macbeth, and lesser stars in the subordinate parts.

This evening is to be presented the play of "Guy Mannering," in which Mrs. Waller plays that grand character, "Meg Merriles," in which she is only equaled by Charlotte Cushman. Mr. Noyes has been cast as "Dandie Dinmont," Robert Jones as "Dirk Hatterick," R. B. Richards as "Col. Mannering," Mason as "Dominic Sampson," Lovell as "Glossin," Hann as "Bailie Mucklethrift," Kreuger — his first appearance here — as "Gabriel," Mrs. Noyes as "Julia Mannering," and Miss Lannier as "Lucy Bertram." It is an excellent cast, an absorbing play, and will be well played, as far as Mrs. Waller is concerned. The rest will also undoubtedly do well. The performance is to conclude with "Rough Diamond." M'lle Victoria will dance between the plays. Secure seats early. There will be a demand for them.