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A Soldiers' Home in Springfield.

There is no place (unless it be Cairo,) in the State of Illinois, in which the want of a "Soldiers' Home" — a place for the temporary accommodation and refreshment of new recruits and war-worn veterans who are constantly passing through this city in such large numbers, going to and from their regiments, has been more deeply felt than in Springfield. The subject has been canvassed with deep interest by many of our public-spirited and human citizens. The existence of such an institution would not merely save much suffering, but would protect many soldiers from the ruinous temptations to which they are exposed, and would receive the blessings of all good men and women throughout the State.

We are glad now to announce that a step has been taken which will insure the establishment of such an institution in this city. We are authorized by Col. Woods, Recording Secretary of the Illinois State Sanitary Commission, to say that the Board of Directors of that noble association have just appropriated the handsome sum of two thousand dollars to assist in carrying out the enterprise. We believe there is no act which the Board has performed will be more unanimously and heartily approved throughout the State. There is scarcely a man or woman in the State who will hesitate to say that here is where THE SOLDIERS' HOME should be established, and we are certain that the step which has been taken will be heartily seconded, not only by our immediate citizens, but by the friends of the soldier all over the State.

We are not yet advised as to the part of the city in which this greatly needed establishment is to be located, but we may assure our readers that it will be built, and when the site is selected they shall be duly advised.

We glad that this long talked of and much needed measure is now assuming a definite and tangible shape. Its consummation is most desirable, and will be effected. It is in good hands; more reliable and efficient men are seldom found than those who compose our Sanitary Board, and they will find hearty co-workers among the loyal men and women of this city and the State. We know that Gov. Yates has frequently pressed this matter on the people and the Legislature.

We believe that our hundreds of Soldiers' Aids and other societies throughout the State will unanimously second this resolve of the Board, and say — LET IT BE DONE.