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Adams County Union Club.

The preliminary steps for the formation of a Union Club and the opening of a Club House in the city of Quincy were taken some time ago. The difficulty of obtaining a suitable building for the purposes of the organization has delayed the opening of the Club House; but that has now been overcome, and the board of directors have secured all of the second floor of Wm. B. Powers' building, corner of Main and Sixth streets, (opposite the Post-office), which are now being fitted up in a neat and tasteful manner by D. E. Lynds. The Club House will soon be ready for use, and the formal inauguration of the Club take place, when the public will be invited to attend.

The condition of membership is unconditional and unqualified loyalty to the Constitution and Government of the United States.

Henry Asbury is President, Col. K. K. Jones, Secretary, J. K. Van Dorn, Treasurer. We shall publish a full list of the officers in a day or two.

All loyal men can become members upon signing the fundamental articles and paying the membership fee, on application to the Secretary or Treasurer. The fundamental articles and by-laws will soon be published.

This movement meets our hearty and unqualified approval. Its officers are among the very best men in the county.