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The Grand Army of Illinois.

We publish in another place an address to the people of Illinois by Gov. Yates, in which he makes a detailed statement of the forces which this State has organized and equipped, and has now in the field or in camp, under the requisitions of the General Government. The exhibit is a most gratifying one, and speaks gloriously for the patriotism of Illinois. The recapitulation shown that this State has furnished for the war, fifty-eight regiments of infantry, eleven regiments of cavalry and eighteen companies of artillery, altogether making, of infantry, 46,429 men; of cavalry, 12,416 men; of artillery, 1,695 men; total 60,540 men. Several of the regiments which are included here, are not yet full and when completed, as they soon will be, will swell the number several thousand more. The intelligence, which Gov. Yates announces, of his success in procuring suitable arms for our soldiers as well as guns for our artillery, will be received with great satisfaction. The difficulty of procuring these has been one of the great drawbacks to the recruiting service in this State which he has had to contend against; but he has at last overcome it; and Illinois will now stand as the third State in the Union in the number of her volunteers, and first in the quality and completeness of their equipments. Gov. Yates deserves great credit for the untiring energy and zeal which he has manifested in this matter. He has shown himself a faithful, energetic and capable public servant, and has justly entitled himself to the thanks of the people.