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The Great Northwestern Fair at Chicago.

Our Chicago exchanges of yesterday morning come to us with voluminons reports of the proceedings at the opening of the Great Northwestern Fair for the benefit of sick and wounded soldiers, in that city on Tuesday last. The opening was celebrated with imposing ceremonies and amid the greatest enthusiasm. An immense procession of three miles in length inaugurated the proceeding, after which Hon. Thomas B. Bryan, President of the "Soldiers' Home," delivered an opening address.

A feature of the procession which excited the most lively enthusiasm, was the appearance of a delegation of farmers from Lake county, with a large number of wagon loads of potatoes, onions, cabbages and other farm products, valued, in the aggregate, at $3,000. These were taken to the rooms of the Sanitary Commission and unloaded for the use of the soldiers.

The success of the Fair seems to be already assured. The number of persons who visited the Fair and Art Gallery on Tuesday a mounted to six thousand, and the receipts at the door amounted to $2,000 — exclusive of sales. The articles contributed are of almost every conceivable variety, and of immense value.