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The Great Northwestern Fair at Chicago.

The great Northwestern Fair at Chicago, for the benefit of the Sanitary Commission, is attracting the the interested attention of the loyal citizens of all the Northwestern States. Nearly every city in those States will send its contributions, while many of the cities of the East are doing the same with a degree of munificence that is princely. A collection of articles of immense value and almost endless variety, from a pincushion to a steam engine or a threshing-machine, will be the result, the proceeds of which, we hope, will amply replenish the exchequer of the Commission and send it on another career of months of successful ministration to the wants of our soldiers in the field. Springfield has not been either uninterested or idle, as will be seen by a list of articles which the fingers of her loyal women have prepared for the occasion.

The Fair will open to-morrow and will continue through two weeks. Major Sherman, of Chicago, has issued a proclamation requesting that all the business houses in the city be closed in honor of its inauguration. During the next two weeks Chicago will be visited by thousands from all parts of the Northwest. For the information of those who may go from this section we publish the following programme, prepared by the Executive Committee:

The Fair will be opened on Tuesday, October 27th. Tickets of admission, 25 cents; season tickets, $ 1 00. This ticket admits to Bryan Hall, the Supervisors' Room in the Court House, and the hall for manufactured articles, now in the process of erection in the rear of Bryan Hall. Tickets of admission to the Art Gallery in the Theatre building, 25 cents; season tickets $1 00.

Metropolitan Hall is to be devoted exclusively to evening entertainments.

The following is the programme:

October 27th — Children's Concert; 200 children form the choir, and the programme is unique and varied. It will surpass any concert of the kind ever given in the city.

October 28th — Tableaux, revolving statuary and classical, under the management of S. M. Wilson. No description can do justice to them.

October 29th — Tableaux, by ladies of Detroit, under the management of Major Cass, of that city, former United States Consul at Rome.

October 30th — Concert, under the management of Balatka. The name of this great leader is a sufficient guaranty of the excellence of the concert.

October 31st — Promenade concert.

The entertainment for the evenings of November 2d and 3d are not yet sufficiently arranged to announce.

November 4th — Lecture by Miss Anna E. Dickinson, of Philadelphia.

November 5th — The Governors, United States Senators, and other distinguished gentlemen, are to dine with the ladies on this day, and addresses will be delivered by several of them in the evening.

November 6th — Lecture by Miss Anna E. Dickinson, of Philadelphia.

November 7th — The German ladies close the entertainment of the two weeks by a grand ball.

Tickets of admission to the Fair can only be obtained at the ticket office, Bryan Hall. Tickets to the Art Gallery can be obtained at the door of the Gallery. Tickets to the evening entertainments can be obtained at the music store of Root & Cady, and at the ticket office, Metropolitan Hall. Reserved seats will be sold for the concert to be given by Mr. Balatka, and for Miss Dickinson's lectures.

No pains or expense have been spared to make these entertainments of the highest character, and it is believed that they will surpass anything ever before attempted.

All persons coming into the Fair on half-fare tickets, must present their tickets in person to the Treasurer's office in Bryan Hall, to have them stamped, or they will be obliged to pay full fare on their return.

Exchange papers in the Northwest please copy.