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244. Barlow A. Ulrich to William H. Herndon.

Chicago Sept 21 /66

Dr Sir

I see from an article in the Chicago paper you desire copies of letters written by the late president Abraham Lincoln of whatever nature. I send herewith a copy of one which you may insert if you wish. —

I gained an interview with the president on the 30th of January 1865. When he heard my name & that I was from Springfield on the introduction of Mr. Longyear M.C., of Michigan he said he knew my family well — told the gentlemen how my name was pronounced. He read over my letters to him from various gentlemen of Illinois in relation to my appointment to a foreign counselship in Germany and Said he would do all he could for me. Seeing a Copy of a German article I had written during the campaign he remarked that he had commenced learning that language but had not advanced any farther than to say "Sprechen Sie deutch mein herrn?" He then doubled up my papers & wrote the following on the back of them.

"Will the Secretary of State please see and hear the bearer Mr B. A. Ulrich and
oblige him if he conveniently can. he is a young man raised in the place of my
residence and of a most respectable family as he also is himself.

A Lincoln"

Jan 30th 1865.

There were nearly a dozen stories told while we were in his room and most of them by the president himself. —

Yours Truly
Barlow A. Ulrich

I will take one of your books when published —

Library of Congress: Herndon-Weik Collection. Manuscript Division. Library of Congress. Washington, D.C. 2674 — 75