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Democratic State Convention.


Treason Aided and Comforted!


The Democratic Party Divided!

The Democratic convention met yesterday in the Representative Hall, and, after organizing, appointed a committee to draft resolutions expressive of the sense of the Convention. The committee was in session all day, and reported at half-past eight in the evening. The committee had a stormy session, but finally, by a majority vote, adopted the resolutions which we give in another column. The resolutions were rushed through without giving opportunity for debate, though many of the members wished to enter their protest against their passage. The Convention has proved a miserable failure. Its resolutions will fall far short of satisfying the South, and the speeches made in their support will only irritate the Northern people. The Democratic party of Illinois has been placed in a false position by the traitorous demagogues who controlled that Convention, and we are much mistaken if the honest masses do not emphatically condemn this shameful attempt to justify treason and to facilitate the overthrow of the Government. We have already heard many members of the Convention condemn, in unqualified terms, the resolutions which were adopted. The Convention, in effect, justified treason, and pledged the Democracy of Illinois to support traitors, by opposing the use of force in the enforcement of the laws. What is the declaration of this Convention? Simply this: A State cannot secede from this Union unless she wants to. The Constitution gives the President ample power to enforce the laws, but he cannot call the military power to his aid except in the support of the civil authorities within the State where the law is violated. There are not Federal officers in South Carolina, therefore the Federal laws cannot be enforced in South Carolina! What more have the South Carolina traitors said? What more do they ask? Will somebody be kind enough to point out to us the difference in sentiment between the South Carolina traitors who are trampling under foot the American flag, violating Federal law, seizing Federal forts, firing upon Federal vessels, and the leaders of the Democratic Convention of Illinois who apologise for it all and who say that there is no power to prevent it? If there is a difference, we are unable to perceive it. We listened to all the speeches made, but we failed to hear the utterance of a single patriotic sentiment. The sum and substance of all the speeches was abuse of the Republican party, justification of treason, and opposition to the punishments of traitors. Lincoln and Yates were roundly abused, but not a word in condemnation of traitors in the Federal Capitol and in the seceding States was uttered. The sentiments of JACKSON were repudiated, and those of CALHOUN'S indorsed! The brave old patriot who threatened to use all the power at his command to put down nullification, had not a friend to do him honor in that Convention, but the traitorous doctrines of Calhoun found many and willing advocates. The Northern States were loudly called upon to repeal all laws in conflict with the Constitution, but not a word was uttered in condemnation of those Southern States which have trampled the Constitution under foot, and set at defiance the Federal authorities. We call upon the honest mass of the Democratic party to set the seal of their condemnation upon the action of this Convention, and to come out from among the base demagogues who justify treason and applaud and defend traitors to their country. We shall refer to the resolutions again to-morrow.