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The News.

The important movement of Grant's army, of which the correspondents have been hinting, seems to have been anticipated by Gen. Lee, for the advance of the 2d corps was met and successfully checked by the rebels. The movement was by the left of Petersburg, turning the city on the east, and taking a direction around it on the south, so as to strike the Weldon Railroad. Heavy firing was heard at City Point on Thursday, in the direction of Petersburg and of Fort Darling. Aside from this, we have no news. At the date of writing, the oracular Stanton is still dumb.

The Lynchburg Republican gives details of Hunter's defeat near that place — something we had not been informed of through our own sources. Indeed, we had no intimation that he approached near that place. The engagement took place only two miles and a half from the city, and after a severe fight Hunter was repulsed, with a loss of about 250 men.

General Lincoln is at the front, witnessing "some of the grandest operations of the war." It is always time to look for disaster when he goes to the army.

Gen. Foster has moved north of the James river to a position nine miles from Richmond, where he is fortified.

Gold is "221 and 226" — a difference of five or ten cents being too tifling to notice.