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The Union Desired by Abolitionism.

The Louisville Democrat has the following just remarks upon a recent article of the New York Tribune, in which the latter expresses its indifference to a reconstruction of "the Union as it was:"

"A more thorough rebel revolutionist and secessionist than Greeley or Brownson does not exist in any latitude. Greeley wants to force his revolution upon the south; and Jeff Davis is trying to force his on Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri, and part of Virginia and Tennessee. They were progressive in despotism. Davis began with state rights, and saw that congress would subvert the principles on which the Confederate States were founded; but he has stultified himself before his own ambition. Greeley began with the cry of ‘let the south go.’ Now he is for conquiring the south, and making another and very different sort of Union. He doesn't want the old one. He despises it. For many long years it has distressed and annoyed Greeley. He wants a Union in which he can annoy, insult and embarrass other people; and they can't annoy, insult and embarrass him.

Jeff. Davis & Co. want a Union in which they can have their own way, and not be annoyed, insulted and embarrassed by Greeley and his school, while they can annoy, insult and embarrass Greeley & Co. God grant that we had them both separated from the mass of the people, and compelled to fight it out. We propose that the government appropriate a hundred millions to each side, impose the condition that they should fight to extermination, and a hundred millions more to colonize what might be left of the two schools.

Greeley is a disunionist. We have said so often; and his whole school are of the same stripe. They are against the old Union — the only one the president is authorized to preserve. If we are to have another, it's not ours, and we shall not have it."