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A Treasonable Organization in Hancock County.

We have reliable intelligence that there is an organized band of traitors in Hancock county, in this State, whose object it is to aid rebellion in every way in their power. The citizens of Plymouth and other towns in that county have organized Home Guards to protect themselves against the depradations of this lawless band. The traitorous organization is said to be chiefly under the control of a pettifogging lawyer in August[unknown], a cousin of the notorious Jim Green, of Missouri. The names of the leaders of this rebel crew are in the possession of our State authorities, and measures will be at once taken to bring the offenders to justice. The leaders members of that organization will soon find Hancock county too hot to hold them. There is a law to reach them, and in addition to the law there is an aroused spirit of loyalty in Illinois that will not brook the presence of traitors in the State. Our people have long given traitors in our midst a wide latitude in the expression of treasonable sentiments and the utterance of treasonable threats, but this forbearance will be no longer exercised. Traitors in Illinois must keep still, break up their organizations, or leave the State. If they are seeking to break up this Government they have no right to live here, and if they want to aid rebellion they should be compelled to go where they will share its dangers. Illinois cannot afford to tolerate in her borders the presence of men who seek to compass the defeat and death of nearly fifty thousand of her sons who are in the field in support of the Union. Treason in Illinois must be dug up root and branch, and now is the time to do it.

We have assurances that the treasonable organization in Hancosk will be speepily broke up, and its members made to feel the penalty of a violated law.