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The Usurpations of the Oligarchs.

The Register still continues its occupation of attempting to white-wash the Democratic majority of the Convention. Our article showing up the corruption of the oligarchs and the desperate schemes they have in view for usurping the power from the people, throws the sheet into spasms. It makes a feeble effort to controvert our statement, but nothing it says in the last manner disproves the facts we have arrayed against them. It glosses over the fact that the people are generally well satisfied with the present Constitution, and on account of the existing crisis in the affairs of the nation, do not wish to have it at present meddled with. It denies, in the face of palpable facts to the contrary, that the Democracy anywhere preceding the Convention canvas passed anti-coersion resolutions in order to make the war unpopular. It also denies that there are any members of the present Convention who have indorsed secession doctrines — a matter about which we may have something to say hereafter; but further than this, it attempts no reply whatever to the charges of usurpation and abuse of power which are now everywhere going up against those who control the Convention. It does not deny that the majority are using the Convention as a partisan machine for partisan purposes. Indeed it has hitherto admitted that the object of the Convention is "the good work of restoring the State to Democratic hands." It does not deny that the Democrats in the Convention refused to organize in a legal manner by taking an oath to support the Constitution of the State; that they have placed political friends in office, from highest to lowest for partisan purposes; that they have set themselves up as a supreme sovereign power, competent to destroy the State Government and substitute a provisional oligarchy in its stead, and that they have for weeks been in vain seeking a pretext to turn out the present State administration, in order to put in partisan demagogues. It does not deny that they have proposed, in violation of the Constitution of the United States, to remodel the Congressional districts of the State. It does not deny that they have usurped the power of the Legislature, and taken the initiative towards electing a United States Senator. It does not deny that instead of doing at once the work they are employed to do, they are squandering money to resuscitate and reorganize the defunct carcass of the Democratic party. These are some of the charges of usurpation and abuse of policy, which are now everywhere being made against them and it is because they cannot be denied that the people have lost all confidence in the Convention; and in advance have given those who control it to understand that they will be held to a rigid and fearful responsibility for their low, thimble-rigging partisanism and their outrageous abuse of official trust. Let them go on in the career they have marked out. Let them consummate the [unknown] schemes which they now have on foot. Let them continue to outrage popular rights and usurp powers which do not belong to them. We tell them a day of reckoning is at hand. The people will teach them, when the time comes, where the sovereign power resides and how it can be exercised to with out the partisan work of oligarchs and usurpers.