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What Slavery does for White Men.

The stereotyped howl of the friends of the men stealers and women-shippers of the South when they attempt to answer an anti-slavery man's argument, is, "Oh? you are a nigger worshipper!" The fact is that compared to the vast interests imperiled by slavery, the slaves personally are of little account, and thousands of those who opposed slavery in the past, and now are for its extermination, never cared more for the "nigger" than for the Democratic heathen who still stand up to defend the system. It is the effect on white men and their interests on the peace and prosperity of twenty-six millions of whites and the perpetuity of the government under which they live, which most interest anti-slavery men. Yet it is this shameful lie — that Republicans were admirers of the slaves and wished them made citizens — that has created more of the blind prejudice against Republicanism than any other cause.

Slavery is essentially, in nature and essence a barbarizing institution. It makes slave-masters hard-hearted, calculating, cruel, revengeful and tyrannical. The spectacle of a hawk swooping down upon a pigeon or a chicken and tearing it to pieces for his mean, would bring forth sincere expressions of sympathy from thousands of slave-holding ladies and gentlemen and their Northern allies, yet these same parties think it Christian and humane to tear a negro family asunder, put the father on the auction block, sell the children at 16 a pound, and when sold force each one to devote every moment of a new master's profit. And while the masters become proud, cruel, ferocious and tyrannical, their white, non-slaveholding neighbors are driven by the very exclusiveness of such an institution back to the lowest depths of civilized barbarism. Every account concerning Southern rural non-slaveholders agree in this, and Bayard Taylor, the eminent traveler, lecturer, and author, clinched the statement recently in this city by declaring that the Southern "white trash" — so in derision by the negroes themselves — were the nearest approach to savages that he had seen in any civilized country of the world — and he had visited all of them. If you, reader, ever babble about "Southern rights," and about the absurdity of opposing slavery on humane or Christian grounds, please think of this statement, and at the same of Jefferson's that slavery is an exhibition of "unremitting despotism on one hand and of degrading submission on the other." This is the institution which Democrats and weak-kneed Republicans would sustain even when it is in their power to crush it forever and ever, and to secure our country peace, harmony and perpetuity. To preserve an institution which makes savages of white men, impoverishes the country, creates a race of negro tyrants whose manners fools try to ape in all sections — this is the form which the "conservatism" of Democracy and slavery sympathizers assumes.

We love our kind; we labor for the interests of white men. We would do good to the crazy slaveholders and the savage masses around them, by whose ignorant ferocity they are trying to overthrow our government. The traitor leaders "know not what they do." WE would remove the cause from the, from the country, and from the world. We want this country to become a blessing to white men first of all. But because we advocate doctrines looking to the good of the whole people, our pro-slavery slanderers say, "You nigger worshipper!"