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The Great War.

Not a heart in New England but hails the Great West with pride. Her character is developing; its heroism, courage, magnanimity, grow upon the world every day. She warned the South that she was not to be trifled with; that she had an inheritance in the Mississippi, and that she should maintain it. She is maintaining it, and the memory of her labor to maintain it, will linger forever in the ears of the South. When this labor is over, when the Mississippi is subjected to its just and natural masters, it will be many years before any other disloyal band will attempt to wrest it from them. The West is making a splendid history for herself — she is growing like a great nationality upon the world, and the future powers of the earth will respect her character and her demands. As is suggested, she will stand, more and more, as she grows in political importance, between the fanaticism of the East and the feudalism of the South. It will be her great duty to silence sectionalism everywhere, to reconcile sections for the sovereignty of the central power. No one can doubt that she will use her power honorably, justly. She is the life-blood of Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore; these cities are her brokers between her and the great Eastern world; their wealth must be acquired in bringing Europe and the West together. New Orleans stands in the same relation to her. Her necessities require that she should have these two avenues to the seas, and she will have them. She never can be divorced from the East, never can be divorced from the East, never can be divorced from the South, and, to-day, she shows that she has the power to maintain this dual Union against all opposition.

Boston Post.