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A Chicago Trick.

The managers of the armory petitions getting up in Chicago are resorting to the most outrageous means to obtain names on their petitions. They have managed to get several Chicago gentlemen appointed to the colonelcy of different regiments of volunteers, and they are now sending blank petitions to all these men to get the names of their soldiers copied, from the muster rolls, on these petitions. They also go into the different towns and copy a whole township of names from the tax-collector's books. Besides these modes of getting names, (which are a disreputable as copying the names from all the monuments or grave stones in a grave yard,) they employ a man to stand at the desk of every hotel in Chicago, and forge to these petitions the name of every guest upon the hotel register. A citizen of this city who happened to be in at the Matteson house one day last week, saw this done. An expert was standing by the hotel register, and as fast as the name of any person was entered on the book, he would copy it on his armory petition, imitating as near as possible the autograph of the guest. A Rock Island man saw this done, and exposed the matter before all who were present, and wrote us the facts. How much attention will congress pay to such petitions?