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Negro Equality.

We approach this theme with all proper dread and caution. We know it is an awful thing. We are willing to admit that if we were consulted in the matter our honest advice to the negroes would be for them to be born white. But as we havn't been consulted and ain't likely to be, and as negroes will insist on being born with "tawny skins," it behooves us to meet the proposition of "negro equality" which is a sort of chronic diarrhea theme for our Democratic contemporaries.

We don't remember to have met, heard of, or seen, a simon-pure, constitutional, organic disciple of latter-day Democracy, who wasn't fearful that some unscrupulous, wooly-headed son of Nubian would eat at his table, sleep in his bed, supplant him in office, and overthrow the "order of things" generally. No Democrat but insists on the approaching danger of having his children associate with his veritable Caucasian stock on school-benches, play-grounds, &c. He is apprehensive that negroes will absorb the affections of some of his relations, that he will buck against him in the marts of business, in pews, at the polls, on the streets. In fact, the negro is the nightmare of Democracy, and your veritable Democrat fears nothing so much as that he is to be overthrown socially, politically and morally, by the flat-nosed, thick-lipped race of Ham. Speak "negro equality" and a Democrat shudders and turns pale.

We will not say there is no reason for this. The Democrats may be right and their instinct be prophetic of their fate. We don't know how it is. We don't know anything about it. We state facts.

As for us Republicans we mind our own business, believing we are capable of "holding our own" against either the equality of negroes, Democrats, the Inquirer, or "any other man." — Leavenworth Conservative.