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The Abolition Pow Wow at Anna.

As was announced by flaming posters throughout the county, Dick Oglesby and others addressed the abolition Leaguers at Anna on Saturday last. The gathering was respectable. It was comprised mostly of democrats, who went to hear discussed fairly the momentous questions of the day. To their great surprise, not an argument was advanced! The Alpha and Omega of the grand farce was Aunt Susan and Sambo. "He," said that walking, talking whisky bottle, Dick Oglesby, "that is not willing to fight by the side of a nigger, is a traitor" They declared that this war was for the freedom of niggers, and he that opposed it was a traitor. We are informed by one that paid particular attention, that Dick the 2nd swore but ten times during his remarkable speech, and that was when he threatened the democracy with vengeance.

As to the effects of the meeting, it disgusted the leading members of the party. They went to hear the truth proclaimed; they heard nothing but falsehood and abuse. One more such a meeting will swell the ranks of the democratic party one hundred and fifty votes more in the county. If what is left in the county of Old Abe's friends will call another such meeting, we will advertise it free of charge. Shall the meeting be called.