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Lovejoy Threatens Old Abe.

Mr. Lovejoy's remarks, in introducing Gen. Lane at the serenade on Monday night, were misreported in one particular. He said:
"A certain individual in the olden time, who was head and shoulders above his cotemporaries, was made kind, and who, by refusing utterly to destroy his enemies, according to the Divine command, lost his crown. I hope that no gentleman of latter days, resembling him in height and station, will, by following his example, share his fate." — N. Y. Tribune's Wash. Cor.

The above allusion to President Lincoln was this: If he does not adopt the emancipation policy, convert this war for the Union into a struggle for the negro, he will be driven from the presidential chair by a revolution before the expiration of his term. Lovejoy is a republican member of congress from Illinois, who was lately a member of the staff of Gen. Fremont, which personage some of the president's friends believed had designs of overturning the government. Is it possible that the aid de-camp referred to his former chief as the coming David who should succeed Saul alias Mr. Lincoln? Considering the military and political character of Lovejoy, his attack upon the president is very daring and menacing, and indicates strongly the Jacobinical spirit of the desperate faction of the republican party that is now clamoring for emancipation! — Cincinaati Enquirer.