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Barbarism in Illinois.

The Whiteside, Ill., Sentinel says the following official notice was posted in the Post Office and other public places in the city of Carthage, Hancock county, Ill. It is a practical exemplification of the Illinois Black Laws. The notice reads as follows:

Public Sale. — Whereas, the following Negroes and one mulattoe man were on the 5th and 6th days of February, 1863, tried before the undersigned, a Justice of the Peace within and for Hancock Co., Ill., on a charge of high misdemeanor, having come into this State and County, and remaining therein for ten days or more with the evident intention of residing in this State, and were found guilty by a Jury, and were each severally fined in the sum of $50, and the judgment was rendered against said Negroes and mulatto man, for $50 fine each, costs of suit, which fines and costs are annexed opposite to each name, to-wit:

  Age Fine Costs
John, a negro man, tall, and slim, about 36 $50 $33 17
Sambo, a negro man, about 21 50 32 17
Austin, a negro man, heavy set, about 20 50 39 10
Andrew, a negro man, about 50 30 33
Amos, a negro man, about 40 50 29 67
Nelson, a mulatto man, about 66 50 30 67

And whereas, said fines and costs have not been paid, notice is therefore given that the undersigned will, on Thursday, the 19th day day of February, A. D. 1863, between the hours of one and five o'clock P.M. of said day, at the west end of the Court House, in Carthage, Hancock County, Illinois, sell each of said Negro men, John, Austin, Sambo, Andrew, Amos, and said mulatto man Nelson, at public auction, to the person or persons who will pay the said fine and costs appended against each respectively for the shortest time of service of said Negroes and mulatto.

The purchaser or purchasers will be entitled to the control and services of the Negroes and mulatto purchased for the period named in the sale, and no longer, and will be required to furnish said Negroes and mulatto with comfortable food, clothing and lodging during said servitude. The fees for selling will be added on completion of the sale.

C. M. CHILD, J. P.

Carthage, Feb. 9, 1863.