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From Washington. Dispatch from Governor Oglesby to Hon. Jesse K. Dubois.


Springfield, Monday Evening, April 17, 1865.

The following dispatch from Governor Oglesby to Hon. Jesse K. Dubois, was received this morning. The prompt and earnest action of the citizens of Springfield is eminently worthy of approbation. In the awful distress which has overwhelmed the country, it is most meet and proper that the home of our lamented fellow citizen should have signified its unspeakable honor and grief, at the national calamity.

It is especially cause of sad congratulation, that the most eminent of our state citizens were so opportunely present at the federal seat of government to respond to the action of our people.

WASHINGTON, April 16, 1865.

Hon. Jesse K. Dubois:

The resolutions adopted by the meeting of citizens of Springfield, yesterday, have been received. They are noble resolutions of a noble state, rendering just homage to the great qualities of its greatest citizen. Steps are being taken here by the citizens of Illinois, in this city, to the same end.

Your resolutions will be presented to the family of the deceased president at the earliest prudent moment, and as soon as the necessary arrangements of the people are definitely settled, I will inform you.