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They Don't Want Restoration.

It should be the aim of every good citizen to end this exhausting and unnatural war as speedily as possible upon just and honorable terms. Every proposition looking to that result should have encouragement and support from those who have the true interest of the country at heart. It is evident from the proceedings in congress thus far that the radicals do not desire peace upon any other terms than the ascendancy of their policy and peculiar ideas in the administration of the government. With them the issue is emancipation, or a vigorous prosecution of the war to accomplish that end, regardless of its effect upon either the white or black races. While we may not approve of all the propositions in congress looking to the restoration of peace and the Union, yet every movement intended to bring the war to a termination upon that basis should be received with favor by all who desire to promote the welfare of the country and maintain the republican institutions. In this connection a cotemporary forcibly remarks that "the republicans, by their solid vote on the resolutions of Mr. Wood, have placed themselves in a clearly defined position. The country will not fail to understand what it means, when every republican vote was cast against a proposition to endeavor to establish peace on the basis of reconciliation under the old laws, and with all the rights belonging to the states under the old Union. It is to be observed that there is not in these resolutions the slightest hint at recognition of the Confederacy, or separation of the territory of our country; but the proposition was for negotiation, to the end that "the Union be restored upon terms of equity, fraternity and equality, under the constitution." This the republicans have declared, by their votes, they are opposed to. They have voted that they don't want the Union restored — they don't want equity — they don't want fraternity — they don't want equality — and they don't want the constitution; therefore they do desire disunion, injustice, fraternal hate, inequality and no constitution. Is it possible, after such a declaration, they can, as heretofore, deny or pervert these sentiments?