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Meeting in Behalf of the 1st Ill. Colored Volunteers.

A large and respectable assembly of the citizens of Quincy convened at Pinkham Hall on Monday evening to take into consideration the necessity, and to devise means for speedily recruiting the 1st Regiment Illinois Colored Volunteers now in camp at this place.

The meeting was organized by appointing Rev. G. I. King Chairman, and L. H. Wilcox Secretary.

The Chairman made some remarks explanatory of the objects of the meeting, and our duty in connection therewith.

On a motion made and seconded the Chair appointed the following persons as a Committee on Resolutions, viz: Philip Snyder, Horatio Foot, Robert McComb, and Wm. B. Powers.

During the retirement of the Committee on Resolutions the meeting was ably addressed by Gen. Prentiss, who electrified the audience, as manifested by frequent bursts of applause.

The Committee on Resolutions reported the following, which were unanimously adopted:

Resolved, That this meeting favors war now and war forever, until the last rebel is disarmed, cost what it may; and that we favor any measure which will most speedily suppress the rebellion, and make the peace that follows it an everlasting one.

Resolved, That we favor the arming of colored men, free or slave, North or South; and that we recommend to Congress to pay them the same as white soldiers, both in wages and bounties.

Resolved, That in our judgement it is the duty of the authorities of this city and this county to offer such bounties for recruits, no matter what their color, as will place our full quota in the field before the 5th of January next.

Resolved, That we are in favor of confiscating all the property of all disloyal men in the South as well as those in the North as escheats to this government, and that the proceeds shall become a national fund to provide homes and make comfortable the orphans and widows of deceased soldiers, and to make sick and wounded soldiers comfortable in camp and hospital.

Col. Hawkins was called for and addressed the meeting in a few well timed and appropriate remarks, which were received and frequently applauded by the audience.

The following resolution was then offered:

Resolved, That a committee of five persons be appointed by the Chair to call upon the business men and others of this city for contributions to aid in the organization of the First Regiment Illinois Colored Volunteers,

Which resolution was amended by adding one to the committee for each voting precinct in the county.

The resolution as amended was unanimously adopted, and in pursuance thereof the following committee for the city was appointed: F. Collins, J. K. Van Doorn, Henry Asbury, Robert McComb and Wm. B. Powers. The committee for the townships will be announced as soon as arranged. The above committee were authorized to secure and disburse funds for the object named from this and all other places.

On motion it was resolved that the Committee appointed for the city be authorized and requested to call upon the City Council and solicit aid from them in furtherance of the above object.

On motion the meeting adjourned with three rousing cheers for the old flag.

G. I. KING, Cha'm.

L. H. WILCOX, Sec'y.