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Who Will Be Drafted?

— It is well known that from the beginning of the war the eastern States have been reaping a perfect harvest of wealth. The great demand for manufactured articles to equip the immense armies has furnished their operatives with an abundance of labor at exorbitant prices. Their business prospered and everybody became rich. Meanwhile, the people of the West have been growing poorer day by day. They had no manufactories to divide the immense business doing in the East, but had always been content with supplying the southern market for produce. The war destroyed their source of revenue, and thousands of them were forced into the army for support. The mass of the people in the East are Abolitionists clamorous for the continuance of the war because they prospered. The majority in the West are Democrats, anxious for peace because they were being ruined. It was for the benefit of those eastern nabobs that the three hundred dollar exemption clause was ingrafted into the Conscription Bill. The people of the East have prospered and can pay this sum with but little inconvenience. The West has suffered, and scarcely one man in fifty can raise the amount of money specified. They will therefore have to go forth from their families as marks for rebel bullets, while their friends at the East are growing rich upon their misfortunes. For every man who pays the exemption money a conscript will have to be obtained. — Therefore, if Massachusetts men pay out, Illinois will have to furnish the quota of both States. For every man exempted in the East, the West will have to furnish a poor citizen as a conscript. This is a taste of the "good times" and national prosperity we were promised when Mr. Lincoln should come into power. And yet we have men in our own midst who are so base and degraded sycophants as to uphold the President in his unjust discrimination in favor of the East and against his own section. — The brand of Cain should be fastened upon them forever.