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Additional Evidences of Rebel Inhumanity.

Dispatches from Chattanooga say that Gen. Grant's army, in their pursuit of Bragg's retreating forces, have discovered new evidences of the most brutal and revolting inhumanity on the part of the rebels, if possible surpassing in fiendishness the outrages inflicted upon our dead after the first battle of Bull Run. The heads of Union soldiers have been found wantonly severed from their bodies, and stuck on stakes and stumps, and left to decay in the open air. The bodies of Union soldiers have also been found upon the battle-field, being denied the common right of burial which civilized nations accord even to their enemies.

It is somewhat singular that a Washington letter, which we publish elsewhere, giving the statement of a returned Federal Chaplain (Rev. Mr. Miner, of the 7th Illinois Cavalry,) refers to this very fact, and predicts that Gen. Grant's advance will reveal it to the world. This Chaplain also states that our wounded were left for days upon the battlefield, surrounded by the putrifying bodies of their more fortunate comrades, denied all attention to their wounds, and perishing with hunger and thirst. It is impossible to conceive of a more revolting picture. Fiends would be incapable of more horrid cruelty.