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Great Democratic Meeting at Freeport.

FREEPORT, ILL., Sept. 22, 1864.

Editor State Register:

The democratic meeting here to-day was the largest ever held in northern Illinois, outside of Chicago. This is admitted by all parties. Over twenty thousand people were present. Previous to this one, the joint meeting of Lincoln and Douglas in 1858 was considered the greatest; but it is conceded that the one to-day was much greater than that. The democrats themselves were astonished, and the abolitionists completely dumbfounded.

The procession was so long that the streets of Freeport were not able to contain it in the ordinary way, so it was necessary to march two processions through the same streets in parallel lines. From six hundred to eight hundred wagons were in the processions besides several thousand on horseback. It is said that the Oglesby and Washburne meeting here not long since was not more than one-quarter as large. Flags and banners, with the portrait of McClellan, were to be seen everywhere. One wagon, or rather two wagons fastened together, beautifully decorated, and drawn by six horses, contained thirty four handsome young ladies.

The enthusiasm was very great — cheer after cheer going up for McClellan and the democratic ticket.

Next Governor Robinson made one of the best speeches of his life. He was followed by Dr. Helmuth, of Chicago, who addressed the Germans in their own language.

The speech of Mr. Robinson has already made for us many votes, several republicans having given in their adhesion to McClellan.

Stephenson county is good for a democratic majority this fall, and will send Wm. P. Mulburn, an old and influential democrat, to the state legislature.

One of the most interesting features of the day was, when the procession was passing the residence where Major General Scofield is visiting, it stopped, the band played an appropriate air, and the crowd cheered the general. He then made his appearance and acknowledged the compliment. This is General Scofield's old home. He returned from Georgia last night, and has declared himself in favor of McClellan. In fact, the soldiers about here are nearly all for "Little Mac."

I have no hesitation in saying I believe Stephenson county will go democratic this fall. The center must look out, or the north will outdo it in increase of democratic votes.

To-night there is to be more speaking. Merrill C. Johnson, candidate for congress in second district, is here, and will probably speak. So is Elias B. Stiles, candidate for this district, here, and will speak to-night. Yours in the