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Care for the Negro.

The radical republicans have an intense consideration for the rights of the negro. They favor a vigorous prosecution of the war if it will result in the abolition of slavery, but otherwise they oppose it. They care not for a reconstruction or restoration of the Union, unless thereby the negro will be placed upon an equality with the white man. The New York Tribune says: "Were slavery abolished, no state would think of forbidding negroes to make it their home," and boasts that in New York negroes can and do vote; can hold office if they get a majority of votes, and can give testimony in any case whatever. "In several of the New England states," it says, "they have all the rights before the law of white men." Negro equality, these radicals think, would be a sure remedy for all the political, moral and social ills of the country. — Indiana Sentinel.

Because the new constitution forbids negro equality in this state is one of the reasons that the Chicago Tribune and its echoes oppose it. They would have sambo in Illinois have "all the rights before the law of white men," and they want a constitution that will so favor him.