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The Ladies' Loyal League — A Public Meeting to be Held.

At a business meeting of the Managers of the "Ladies' Loyal League of Springfield," held on yesterday afternoon we learn that it was decided to hold a public meeting at an early day. Steps were taken to secure the presence of able and popular speakers from abroad. Due notice will be given of the time. The loyal ladies of this city evince a determination to carry forward this movement to a glorious success. Already there have been many names added to the Pledge since their meeting of last Wednesday. By reference to a notice in our local column, it will be seen that a general invitation is extended to all ladies in the town and country who desire to express their good will to the Government and encourage the armies of the Union, to become members of their organization; and an opportunity is given them to do so by leaving copies of the Pledge for signatures at the store of E. B. Hawley, and at the Rooms of the Ladies' Soldiers' Aid Society.