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The Hospital at Canton.

[Special Correspondence Whig & Republican.]

CANTON, MoD., Feb. 10, 1862.

Editor of Quincy Whig and Republican — Dear Sir: — I visited the hospital at this place on Friday last; which is in the care of Mr. Sisson and lady, and Dr. Lusk as surgeon, who noted in that capacity in the hospital at Pittsburg during Pierce's administration, and those who fall in this charge can rest assured that they will receive such care and treatment as none but an able and skillful surgeon is competent to administer. The wards were all in comfortable condition, which was not surprising when we take into consideration in whose care they are in, as it seems to be whole study of Mr. Sisson and lady to administer to the wants of the occupants, and in short, to make it a soldier's home.

My attention was also called to the contributions from the ladies of La Grange, who seem to be doing their part in administering to the wants and comforts of the sick, which were thankfully received and highly appreciated by those to whom they were contributed, and it is highly gratifying to know that while they are doing battle for their country they are not forgotten by the fair ones at home. I give you in part a list of articles presented by Mrs. Howe, Secretary of the Ladies' Union Aid Society, and contributed by the Union ladies in general of La Grange: six pairs of slippers, fourteen shirts, sixteen pillows, ten pairs of socks, six pairs drawers, two pairs pants, clean rags, canned and dried fruits, jellies, &c.. Also eleven blankets, which were collected by Miss Mary Cook from the Union ladies of Highland.

I must not forget the ladies of Canton, who have been quite liberal, in which Mrs. Barret has been a very liberal contributor.