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Position of the Republican Party.

The very last "position of the republican party" the home organ of Mr. Lincoln thus announced yesterday. It is as follows:

If the southern people would read our platform, they would find the whole matter resolving itself into this: The republican party believes that congress has a right, under the constitution, to exclude slavery from the territories, and that it is the duty of congress to exercise that right. It is the freedom of the territories, as such alone, that we demand. When the people who may inhabit those territories shall bring them to the doors of the Union for admission, they should be admitted with or without slavery, as said people may determine.

This is the belief, the doctrine, the principles that we urge republicans to cling to, to the last. It is to this we refer when we say: NO SURRENDER — STAND FIRM — BE TRUE.

We record the above "position," to stand until we get the next one.