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The Jacobin Governors.

We believe that if the secret history of the meeting of governors at Altoona is ever revealed it will show that a portion of the number are actuated by no more patriotic motives than the old federal "Hartford convention." The Washington correspondent of the Chicago Tribune says:

"It is asserted that at the conference of governors at Altoona, a very decided hostility to McClellan as a military man, was manifested, and the only two governors who professed confidence in his ability were Tod and Curtin, but it is understood now that nothing was said on the subject to the president."

By what authority do these pretended loyal governors meet up in the Alleghany mountains to dictate to the president what policy he shall pursue? Why do they leave the states they were elected to serve, and where their services are needed in raising and organizing regiments for the field, to meet in secret conclave to assume the control of the union? It is an insult to the president to thus attempt to usurp the management of affairs the people elected him to perform. In the name of republican liberty, and in the name of propriety, we protest against all attempts by governor, senators, congressmen, ministers and others, by self-appointed and self-delegated conventions or cabals, to assume control of the affairs of this country, and to dictate its policy to the people or their servants in office.