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The News from Richmond.

The news which our telegraphic columns this morning contain from the army before Richmond, is of the utmost importance. There is a degree of indefiniteness about the news, however, that is far from satisfactory. Our dispatches of yesterday afternoon render it certain that a most severely contested battle was fought on Thursday and Friday, and that it was renewed either on Saturday or Sunday — though this point is not clear. It is almost certain that the rebels had been reinforced by Stonewall Jackson and his command from the Valley of the Shenandoah, and that the flower of the rebel army, both as to officers and men, participated in the contest. Considering the strength and determination of the forces engaged on both sides, we are prepared to hear that the loss is heavy, though we do not believe that any ground has been lost. By the correspondent of the New York Tribune it is claimed as a successful strategetic movement which must result in the fall of Richmond at an early day.

Our night dispatches may throw some light on the subject.