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Knights of the Golden Circle.

The Carbondale Times, on reliable information, announces that the spread of the treasonable order of the "Knights of the Golden Circle" is startling in all the border States. It says that in Southern Illinois there are now probably 10,000 men enrolled. The members are exclusively what are called peace men — that is, they are for ending the war at once — no matter if the Union is dissolved. These sympathisers are with the South, and against the Government. The Times makes an able appeal to these deluded and unpatriotic men, exhorting them to think better of the course they are pursuing and avoid the ruin which is staring them in the face. We know not how true it is, but we are informed that there is a lodge of this order in this city, numbering a hundred or more. We can hardly believe such is the case; but, if so, it may be well for them to beware!