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The Last Great Battle.

Our dispatches this (Thursday) forenoon, bring us no farther particulars concerning the great battle at Pittsburg, in Tennessee on Sunday and Monday last. The details thus far, while the render it certain that a great battle has been fought attended with extraordinary loss of life on both sides, are yet too incomplete to not render it probably that the victory is far more substantial to the Union cause than is yet reported. The statement of losses, prisoners, wounded, killed, &c., were made in the midst of confusion, and when no one person could know much of what had actually occurred unless seen by himself. While all reports as to casualties may be true, or the truth be even worse, still they all require confirmation before being accepted as truth.

But a great victory has been gained — that is apparent — and the rebel army put hors du combat. The future is bright with promise, for which let us thank God and take courage. The beginning of the end is apparent, when the old flag will wave over a restored Union, and one which tolerates no elements of treason.